kids at a presentation of an exhibit
2005: "Esopus Goes to War - 1941-1945" Images of US Military equipment, including 38 personal histories and captured items.

2006: "1st Responders of Esopus" Exhibit of firefighters throughout the history of Esopus.

2007: "Esopus Then and Now" Exhibit of household tools and equipment as used in the past and compared to today. Also images of older building then and now.

2008: "We Gather Together: Sacred Houses of Esopus." A photographic exhibit of all of the religious organizations and their buildings in Esopus. This featured a self guided tour behind the scenes of many of the institutions.

2009: "The Quadricentennial 1609-2019" Henry Hudson's Discovery of the Hudson River Valley with memorabilia from 1809, 1909 celebrations.

2010: "Haunted Houses of Esopus" Photographic interpretations of "Haunted" scenes of houses, landscapes, cemeteries by the Ulster County Photography Club and others.

2011: "200 years of Life in Esopus" Old Stone houses with brief histories of each, documents of the cessation from Kingston, maps of the area and early residents.

2012: "Artists Eyes on Esopus" Exhibition of a dozen local artists works including watercolors, oils, photographs and multi-media pieces.

2013: "The Civil War 1863" Maps, Documents, enlistments records of local soldiers as well as actual items used during the war in battle and at home. With thanks to the Ulster County Historical Society "Beviere House" for the loan of many objects. Read More

2014 - 2015: "The First People of Esopus" featuring Native American artifacts discovered in the Town of Esopus. This exhibit, comprised of the Bohan “Datum” Collection, was curated by Archeologist Jay Ciccone. Read More