1651 – The area south of the Rondout Creek is first called Klyne Esopus, Dutch for “Little” Esopus. A trapper named Kit Davis lives in what is now the hamlet of Connelly along the Rondout Creek. He trades with the Esopus Indians.

1652 – Jan Van Vliet receives a land grant from King William of Holland.

1657 – Seeing the strategic practicality of a fort located halfway between New Amsterdam and Fort Orange, Director General Stuyvesant sends soldiers up from New Amsterdam to crush the Esopus Indians and helps build a stockade with 40 houses for the settlers in present-day Kingston.

1660 – Aert Jacobsen Van Wagenen settles in Wagendal. Settlers from Holland receive “patents” from the Dutch rulers for land in Klyne Esopus and Kingston area.

1664 – “The Dutch lost New Netherlands to the English during the Second Anglo – Dutch War in 1664, only a few years after the establishment of Wiltwyck. Along the West Coast of Africa, British charter companies clashed with the forces of the Dutch West India Company over rights to slaves, ivory, and gold in 1663. Less about slaves or ivory, the Anglo-Dutch Wars were actually more about who would be the dominant European naval power. By 1664, both the Dutch and English were preparing for war and King Charles of England granted his brother, James, Duke of York, vast American territories that included all of New Netherlands. James immediately raised a small fleet and sent it to New Amsterdam. Director General Stuyvesant, (statue image, left) without a fleet or any real army to defend the colony, was forced to surrender the colony to the English war fleet without a struggle. In September of 1664, New York was born, effectively ending the Netherlands’ direct involvement in North America although in places like Kingston, the influences of Dutch architecture, planning and folk life can still be quite clearly seen.”

1681 – Fischer’s patent is granted by the English.

1682 – The Mogowasinck Patent for land purchased from the Indians by Henry Beekman is granted.

1699 – The Hardenburg Patent is granted.

hardenburgh lan patent map