1700’s – Building starts on permanent homesteads using field stone found in abundance in Ulster County. Many of these early houses are still standing today. The Van Vliet Homestead, at the corner of River Road and Broadway, is built in 1767. The VanAken Homestead (pictured at left), near to where the train tracks cross Clay Road, is built c1696. The Lowe (Louw) family builds a house which is destroyed by fire in the early 19th Century. A newer homestead on Wildflower Drive, running along Hussey Hill, is built in 1840. Willem Smit works for the Hardenburgs and builds a home on what today is Church Hill Road in Rifton. It is among the oldest houses in Esopus.

1745 – The younger Isaac Van Wagenen of Wagendal settles St. Remy. The Freer-Delamater Mill House is constructed.