1811 – The Town of Esopus is formed. The area has previously been part of the Town of Kingston.

1814 – Esopus establishes a system of public school districts. For more information about school districts see Chapter XVIII in The Town of Esopus – 3000 BC to 1978 edited by Roger Mabie, et al.

1827 – The Klyne Esopus congregation builds the brick church (pictured at left) which now houses the Museum. All slaves in New York State are freed. Sojourner Truth is freed.

1835 -The Perrines Bridge, which is still standing, is built across the Walkill River in Rifton. It is the oldest surviving covered bridge of its design in New York State. It is named for James Perrine, a Frenchman.

1840 – The hamlet of St. Remy is named by Abram B. Hasbrouck after a town in France.

1842 – Ascension Church, an Episcopal Church, is built in West Park for parishioners who must cross the Hudson River to attend services in St. James Church in Hyde Park.