1851 – The Pennsylvania Coal Company builds a coal depot near the mouth of the Rondout Creek. The town of Port Ewen, named after John Ewen, the Company President, is laid out.

1853 – The Port Ewen Reformed Church opens on Salem Street.

1858 – The Methodist Church in Port Ewen opens. The population of the town reaches 4,700.

1861 – Jeremiah W. Dimick purchases the mill at Arnoldton. His estate, known as Woodcrest, is owned by the Hutterian Society of Brothers today.

1870 – The first bridge across the Rondout Creek connecting St. Remy with Eddyville is opened to traffic.

1871 – Future Chief Justice of the New York Court of Appeals, Alton B. Parker of Cortland, NY comes to Ulster County to teach school.

1873 – Naturalist John Burroughs lives at Riverby, in West Park. He is visited by Presidents and poets such as his friend, Walt Whitman.

1874 – The Catholic Church of the Presentation opens in Port Ewen. For more information about churches in Esopus, see Chapter XVII in The Town of Esopus – 3000 BC to 1978 edited by Roger Mabie, et al.