1901 – Rifton gathers the hamlets of Swartekill, Rifton Glen, and Dashville to become a village.

1904 – Judge Alton B. Parker accepts the nomination to be the Democratic presidential candidate to run against incumbent Theodore Roosevelt. The Redemptorists, a Catholic order of priests and brothers, begins to build a major seminary on the site of Robert Livingston Pell’s mansion. They named the seminary Mount Saint Alphonsus in honor of their 18th century founder, St. Alphonsus Maria De Liguori.

1910 – The great flood of January 1910 destroys the Eddyville-New Salem Bridge over Rondout Creek.

1911 – Telephone service begins in the Town of Esopus.

1918 – The American Grenade Plant on the Henry Van Aken farm blows up injuring many and killing several just before the Armistice ending World War I is signed.

1919 – The mills in Rifton close (ruin of carpet mill seen here in photo) and the Village of Rifton is officially dissolved.

1921 – Electricity produced at Central Hudson’s hydro-electric plant in Rifton becomes available in the town. The first radios in Port Ewen owned by Charles W. Card.

1922 – The first bridge connecting Port Ewen with Rondout (Kingston) is opened. It is a suspension bridge and remains today.

1928 – Street lights installation begins.

1930 – High-pressure gas available along 9W through pipelines from Kingston and Poughkeepsie.

1938 – Port Ewen Water System begins service from wells along Clay Road.

1946 – Natural Gas becomes available by pipeline from Texas and Louisiana.

1949 – First television is received in Port Ewen.